How To Make Sex More Pleasurable

How To Make Sex More Pleasurable

Need a few ideas to help spice up your sex life? There are few different ways of doing things that you can try which will guarantee you more pleasurable sex. This article explains a few ideas on how to spice it up!

Sex under the shower

Having sex under the shower is a lot more fun and a new and exciting way to enjoy sex. It is intimate and can help improve the bond between the two of you. However, you need to do it right. When you get into the shower, try not to think about sex at first. You can start with lathering each other, then do the orals. You can then clean yourselves up, spread a towel on the floor and get riding the sweetness out of your partner. Any position is appropriate, as long as it works for both of you.

Bring in the guests

Although sex toys seem more of women stuff, incorporating them into your play can give you an excellent experience. Most women prefer the toys that cause clitoral stimulation. Before, you get into the act, remember to lube up. Lubing has been found to make sex a lot more pleasurable. Always remember to make it a threesome, especially with the smaller toys. This means that you can use the vibrator while still riding your partner. There are sex toys that men can enjoy using. Thus, shop around for what suits you best.

Another cherry

The anus is highly gifted with nerve endings which contract pleasantly during sex. They contract rhythmically, consequently causes intense pleasure. Therefore, you and your partner ought to consider including this in your play. When going anal, there are a few facts that one should know. Before you get down, make sure that you are relaxed, lubricate the passage, have the man enter slowly, try fingers before dick and do not change from anal to vaginal without changing the condom or cleaning up. These tips will give you a mind-blowing anal sex!

Talk dirty

If you want to have pleasurable sex, you need to learn to talk dirty to your partner. You can start texting dirty sweet nothings to your partner during the day. By the time it is time for the act, they are already turned on. Remember to whisper nasty stuff during foreplay and penetration. Let them know how sweet they are and how you feel taken to “cloud nine.” Doing this boosts their morale and makes sex more enjoyable.

Tied up

This could be an excellent way to spice up your bedroom mood. Try tying your partner, or blindfolding him during sex. This can create an entirely new mood that will make your sex life all lit up!

Better sex leads to better orgasm, which leads to a satisfied partner and a happy relationship. Hope these ideas will get you there.

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